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Welcome to Slovakia

Slovakia is becoming more and more attractive to foreign students, who are particularly attracted by high-quality education accredited by the European Union, but also at unbeatable prices and a favorable location in the heart of the “old continent” with excellent accessibility to the whole Europe.

Would you like to discover a new culture, invest to your education and future and get quality education without unnecessary debt for the rest of your life? Welcome to this site! You’ve made a great choice, we’re here for you to meet your requirements and help you with this process.

Why do we think you need us?

  • There is no rule official institutions will speak English
  • Your university will give you so much time for questions and worries
  • We offer you online classes to prepare you for entrance exams (mainly for medical students)
  • We offer you more options for reasonable accommodation (alone or more students)
  • We build the strong community of foreign students in Slovakia
  • Weekly newsletter of what is happening close to you in English
  • We will give you all information you need and we are available 24 hours a day for you
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Partner Universities
Rooms available
Rooms available
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Hour a day service
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Online preparatory classes