Who are we?

Why to choose us?

We are an innovative agency that mediates student visions with real fundamentals. European and non-European students interested in receiving a quality education at unbeatable prices in Slovakia, who need initial information, assistance with the process and mediation of information between official institutions, official approvals or the visa process, or simply professional consults for our clients.



24 hours

100% Happy

Our agency was based on our experience leading us to execute this service for others in order to make our students life more comfortable. We were also experiencing the life of foreign students and therefore we can understand what our students go through and help them. We secure that all their questions will be answered within 24hour service.

Slovakia, a country that slowly but surely becomes a center of more and more satisfied students, is opening to foreigners and they are coming here in high numbers. However, Slovakia is still preparing for the multiculturalism and high number of foreigners, who can often experience simple problems, such as lack of English at the state authorities, or finding suitable accommodation.

We want to assure that all of our students will be provided by quality service throughout their whole study abroad experience.

Our mission

We would love to make our students feel just like at home and find the same opportunities that they have at home, therefore with us, they do not feel that there are missing something out. For each student, Slovakia is a foreign country and most of students do not have someone to contact and ask for quality and legit recommendations in a foreign country. Our mission is to be here for the client, whether it is a choice of accommodation, finding a job or a hobby, to recommending the fastest internet, or any unexpected situation they can face.

Our vision

Usually, to obtain the university degree lasts five years, or bachelor study 3 years. It is a big time horizon and that’s why we’re here for you to make your wishes come true. We would like to help our clients with their student’s life by sending them newsletter with interesting offers, choose of university program and choose an apartment, help our students to find a job or internship, find them hobbies and build a strong community of students coming to Slovakia.


We are a young and innovative agency and our ambition is to become the best brokerage agency in this area of business. We help our clients before coming to Slovakia, and during the whole stay in Slovakia. Our mission is to help with the process of selecting the school, handling visa process, as well as other services that clients need during the stay at their university. Our goal is to make your stay stress-less and make it less complicated for our clients when staying in Slovakia for some years.

Hello there!

As you can see from my photo in traditional Slovak dress, I am not a traditional businessman you might have imagined, I know!

But let me tell you some words of mine:

Several factors have led me to establish this agency.

The first factor is that I was an international student by myself few years ago. I experienced it and studied in Scandinavia, Asia and the USA, and I know EXACTLY what it is like to be the young person who is dealing with this decision and I know exactly what I was missing when I studied abroad. That led me to ask this question: why someone just cannot offer me something more? That is why I have established this agency precisely and in details about what services will offer to our clients and we continue to improve every day.

The second factor is that Slovakia is becoming more open for foreign students, but we still have holes on the market, that I would like to fill. Not everything is in English, the high rate of bureaucracy is very common, and finding new friends abroad just like you would be also harder without us.

I was passionate student and curious to other cultures and therefore, I think that coming to Slovakia would be a good idea and you definitely have a courage. You are curious and courageous to know more than other students!

I would like to share a little motivational story with you before you go on. The lion is not the fastest, nor the largest and not even the strongest animal in the jungle, yet he is the king of the jungle. WHY? Well, it is his ATTITUDE that makes him to be the king of all animals! No matter how you decide, I wish you luck and brave attitude of the lion. Never give up, friend!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or any of my colleagues, because we are here FOR YOU.

Business Owner