Miki (31)

Krishnan D


"Study in Europe and achieve an American University diploma for reasonable price? I could not say no! City University dramatically improved my written English. American and Slovak professors were readily available to tackle any issues and replied in a timely manner. Classes not only taught me critical thinking but bettered my time management and planning skills. I use the expertise acquired through my studies daily in both professional and personal life. Thanks to studywithmEU I was well informed about cultural events or traffic restrictions. Furthermore, this agency got me to an internship in global corporate thanks to my area of studies - management. If I should do it again I would do it."

Anang (18)



“Europe will not disappoint you! I came to study technology and thanks to StudywithmEU I picked my apartment and they sort out my arrival from Vienna. It is so helpful when you are in foreign country traveling for the first time! I never felt alone and found my group of foreign friends at the welcome party for us and made myself comfortable before my school started and it helped me a lot with finding jobs and my hobbies. I met Slovak buddy and we stayed friends until now and he showed me almost every part of Slovakia. I recommend it to everybody, it saved me from all stress and gave me amazing memories, information and much more. “

Maria (21)



“This agency gave me amazing preparatory classes for medicine university and all my worries were answered clearly and I could not wait to study in Slovakia. I had troubles of finding Slovak translator in my country as well as I found visa process very exhausting and I was so happy that they did all the work for me! Thank you, guys, in studywithmEU!!!  For example, once I have lost my keys, and older ladies in front of my apartment did not speak any English and I did not know what to do so I called to StudywithmEU for help again and they sent me a repair man at 9 PM so I could come in! You do not even know what could possibly happen to you and it is always good to have somebody to talk to in another country! I am happy that I know I have someone to rely on. Trust me, it is worth it! “

Our goal in student’s life:

Our goal is to make our stay and study stress-free and easier for our clients in Slovakia. We are a young agency and our ambition is to become the best brokerage agency in the industry. We help our clients before coming to Slovakia, we inform them, we help with the process of selecting the school, receipts and handling visas as well as other services that clients need.

Before coming to Slovakia, we provide students with accommodation and transfer services, or tickets exactly according to your requirements and price categories, to come to Slovakia and feel at home. Our task is to ensure the acceptance of our students and therefore we are preparing them for tests with the help of online seminars.

Upon arriving in Slovakia, our clients are waiting for an educational seminar about Slovakia, about our services and their opportunities to find their way to the market, or to find the right hobbies in a foreign country and hand over a sim card. Then our students will get to know their Slovak Buddy, which they can always contact. There will be a tour around Bratislava and a welcome party with new and old foreign students.

Throughout the stay, we provide services to students, where they can contact us as well as by sending newsletters to email about cultural events, news, or discounts or traffic restrictions we keep them updated. If students reach us, we will help them find jobs or internships in places they study.

Of course, our client’s parents can also contact us.