BISLA – Bratislava International School

of Liberal Arts

University details:

Section: Liberal arts
Location: Slovakia
Duration: Undergrad. 3 years, Grad. 2 years
Languages : English

Profil of University

Bratislava International School of Liberal Studies or BISLA is a private university in Bratislava. It is connected with the Bratislava Institute of Humanism. It is based on the philosophy of liberal science and art. It is the only school of its kind in Slovakia and one of the few in the modern wider area. It was established in 2006. Together with professors from Oxford or the University of California and so on, an academic experience awaits you!

Our three-year curriculum is designed to provide our students with soft skills, broad insight and evidence in the labor market or in the social and humanities or media sectors.

Would you like to succeed in a globalized world? Are you interested in studying global issues that concern young people? Would you like to understand different cultures and politics, or dive into the world of history, philosophy, art and politics?

A liberal arts education offers you all of this! Not only will it equip you with the skills you’ll need to get an engaging job as a young professional, but you’ll become a knowledgeable citizen who can benefit society. BISLA is a liberal arts college, the first of its kind in central Europe. Situated in Bratislava, near the borders of four countries – Slovakia, Austria, Hungary and the Czech republic – BISLA’s beautiful campus is right next to the historical center of Bratislava, which offers you a real European environment and a vibrant atmosphere. You will study in English, in international classes led by excellent academics from Slovakia and around the world.

High quality education

BISLA’s focus on critical thinking skills, attention to development of personal relations, and engagement in broader community have brought results in the quality of education offered at BISLA. OECD’s 2013 survey, Assessment of Higher Education Learning Outcomes brought confirmation that our approach to education is right.


All of our students graduate with a degree in Political Science, with concentrations in either International Relations, Central European Studies, or Political Thought.

Study program: Liberal Arts

Field: Political Science

Form of Study: Full-time

Granted Academic Title: Bachelor (B.A.)

Length of Study: 3 years

How to apply, what are admissions and how much does it cost?

Thanks to many sponsors of this unique program is this university affordable for everyone! You can apply for free online (we will help you with that) and you only paying 900 EUR for such a quality education half of it donated by sponsor! A basic knowledge of English is sufficient for any applicant to qualify for our study program as BISLA has excellent training in academic English.

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