City Univerzity of Seatle

in Bratislava

University details:

Section: Business
Location: Bratislava
Duration: Undergrad. 3 years, Grad, 2 years
Languages : English

Profil of University

Would you like to achieve an American Diploma for unbeatable prices in Slovakia from the University that has been ranked in the top 50 in U.S. News & World Report v Top 50*? You are on the best way to achieve your US-accredited degree from the City University of Seattle!

In Slovakia the Univerzity of Management/CityU is a college with educational programs build on the tradition of providing quality education based on American education style. This Bachelor, Master or Doctoral study of business management at this University are accredited study programs by American City University of Seattle, based in Seattle, Washington, USA. CityU is part of the network of universities in Slovakia. As the first private university, the Academy of Performing Arts (VŠM) was awarded the prestigious European University Association in 2007 and the Diploma Supplement Label awarded by the European Commission in 2012. The private higher education sector has been created as an alternative to public higher education.

City University of Seattle, based in Washington, USA, is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU), and in 1992, American accreditation was extended to a school branch in Slovakia. During its visits to Slovakia, NWCCU confirmed the City University of Seattle accreditation for programs in Slovakia. City University of Seattle continues its contractual cooperation with the University of Management in developing its educational programs, providing foreign internships, exchanging educators, conducting joint research projects and conferences. After successfully graduating from the College of Management and Diploma, the student, in collaboration with City University of Seattle, can obtain a US-accredited degree from the City University of Seattle.

At VŠM / CityU it is possible to start up to three times a year- January, April or October. The City University of Seattle Programs has opened its study programs for those interested in studying since January and if you are a student from another university, we will make you an evaluation of the transfer of credits from your previous school so that you can follow up on the courses already passed. If a student who missed the beginning of the academic year in the autumn term, choose from the rich offer of VŠM / CityU study programs and join hundreds of successful school students!

What can we offer you?

  • The College of Management in collaboration with the City University of Seattle, offers a four-year bachelor's degree in English, at the end of which you will achieve Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. In accordance with US accreditation rules, a student becomes a graduate of a bachelor's degree after earning 180 credits.
    Why this university?

    • American degree for unbeatable prices!
    • Qualified lecturers with many years of practical experience in international management
    • Dynamic Groups with High Interactive Teaching
    • Appropriately chosen forms of study manageable alongside employment
    • Relevant study content based on a combination of theory and practical examples
    • Attractive financial schemes with the possibility of using short-term study loans

    What are criteria?
    • completed secondary education with GCSE (attested by a certified copy of the school-leaving certificate)
    • knowledge of the English language, which can be documented by one of the following options
  • The Master of Business Administration program falls into the category of graduate programs, which are both structurally and content-oriented to expand business education. The program is dedicated to individuals with ambitions to hold top management positions within businesses. The need to introduce the MBA program to the Slovak market resulted from the demand for managers with international experience, whose professional profile provides the prerequisites for managing business management during the economic transformation process. The constantly changing external and internal environment requires a high degree of flexibility, creativity, delicacy in decision-making processes as well as decisiveness in the selection and implementation of proposed solutions. The MBA program provides a solid foundation for all these needs, including the ability to communicate effectively in an English-speaking business environment. The duration of the MBA program is approximately 18 months (with regard to public holidays and holidays). The form of study is weekend (Saturdays and Sundays), each subject is divided into 3 weekend blocks, or an external form that lasts 10 weeks.

    Why this university?
    • Qualified lecturers with many years of practical experience in international management
    • Dynamic Groups with High Interactive Teaching
    • Appropriately chosen forms of study manageable alongside employment
    • Relevant study content based on a combination of theory and practical examples
    • Attractive financial schemes with the possibility of using short-term study loans

    What are the criteria?
    • Completed an accredited university degree at least on bachelor level
    • Knowledge of the English language supported by the result of the TOEFL test (min. 567 points) or C2 ALTE Level 5 (Certificate in English Proficiency) - University of Cambridge IELTS "Band 7"(International English Language Testing System)
    • Recommended practice min. 3 years (not required for admission)

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Krishnan D


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