Comenius University

Faculty of Medicine in Martin

University details:

Section: Medicine
Location: Martin, Slovakia
Duration: 6 years
Languages : English or Slovak

Profil of University

Jessenius Faculty of Medicine Comenius University (JFMED CU) is one of three medical faculties of public universities in the Slovak Republic. Its history dates back to 1962 when detached workplace of Bratislava Faculty of Medicine was established in Martin. Independent faculty was established in 1969 and became an integral part of Comenius University. JFMED CU holds forefront position in the field of graduate medical education at home and abroad. It provides all cycles of education and provides the opportunity to study in the study programs of General Medicine, Dentistry and in non-medical study programs like Nursing, Midwifery and Public Health.  JFMED CU was the first faculty of medicine in Slovakia that in the academic year 1990/1991, started to provide 5-year master’s degree in the study program of  nursing and as the first one opened, in the academic year 1991/1992, the study of General Medicine in English for foreign students – tuition payers. JFMED CU is actively involved in the education of PhD. students. The number of students studying at particular cycles and forms of study in accredited study programs stands over the years at about 1,500 students.

Length of studies:

6 years

Approximate deadline:

15th of July

Approximate date of entrance exam:

26th June
16th August

Place of entrance exam:

Jessenius Faculty of Medicine CU, Malá Hora 4A, 036 01 Martin

Form and content of the entrance examination:

– entrance examination will take the form of written test in Chemistry and Biology
– a set of test questions for candidates consists of an equal number of questions in Biology and Chemistry
– maximum allowed time is 135 minutes
– formulation of questions and answers allows an applicant to select only one single unambiguously correct answer

Our Medical Package Service:

We will send you an email with all necessary criteria, required documents you need to apply as well as new booklet NEW BOOKLETS FOR ENTRANCE EXAMINATIONS  (The Biology Booklet contains 750 questions from biology. Each question offers 8 possible answers. Similarly, also the Chemistry Booklet contains 750 questions from chemistry. Each question also offers 8 possible answers and at the end of each booklet there are correct answers available) and we will ship it to you to your foreign country with syllabus for Entrance examination, as well as we are offering online classes focused on all questions from biology and chemistry, after you acceptation we will help you with the visa and temporary residence and give services that you will buy.

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